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John Jay College of Criminal Justice is dedicated to fostering the use of open and alternative resources in order to provide every undergraduate student, regardless of their financial resources, access to a high quality education. 

John Jay College Justice eReader

The John Jay College Justice eReader is a digital textbook on the Pressbooks platform. It is a product of the Transforming the Justice Core Project, made possible through  funding from the Teagle Foundation.

An interdisciplinary group of scholars at John Jay identified  Supreme Court cases that highlight social justice issues and their intersection with legal and criminal justice professions. The eReader includes readings and media that help students analyze several landmark cases. Faculty in the working group have created syllabi and assignments purpose-built for transfer students who have completed their associate degree.  This text is organized by case and contains both original content, written by John Jay College faculty, and curated Open Educational Resources. 


Call for Submissions: John Jay College Justice eReader

This is an exceptional opportunity for John Jay College faculty to collaborate and contribute to the development of an innovative and comprehensive OER eReader that will benefit both our students and the academic community at large. We believe faculty expertise and insights could greatly enhance the quality and relevance of this educational resource. We are inviting you to consider contributing original content to this project.


Faculty Instructional Resources

The supplemental “Social Justice Landmark Cases: Faculty Instructional Resources,”  is an OER digital textbook that uses the Pressbooks platform to provide faculty with the lesson plans, assignment ideas, and pedagogical tools to create transformative, Open learning experiences for students. 

  1. Assignment and Syllabi Examples: Craft assignments and syllabi that not only communicate expectations but also inspire student engagement and critical thinking.
  2. Learning Activities: Discover a diverse array of learning activities to keep your classroom dynamic, whether it’s in-person or online.
  3. Pedagogies, Techniques, and Tips: Explore a spectrum of teaching strategies, from traditional to cutting-edge, with practical tips to enhance your instructional effectiveness.
  4. Moot Court Resources: Access a comprehensive collection of resources to elevate your moot court experience.
  5. Case Summaries: Review informative case summaries that simplify complex legal concepts for your students.
  6. Class Activities: Infuse your classes with interactive and stimulating activities that foster a love for learning.

OER LibGuide

This site features OERs organized by class is available through the Lloyd Sealy Library.